Parent Dances- What They’re All About

Parent Dances happen at every wedding and sometimes are overlooked, but picking these songs can be just as meaningful as picking your first dance.   We caught up with Mike Reilly of CT Productions to get his take on parent dances and how he advises his clients.

Bridal News:  What are some of the most popular songs for father/daughter dances and mother/son dances?

Mike Reilly: I would have to say that in 2013 the most popular song choices were for bride/father “I loved her first” by Heartland and “My Wish” Rascal Flatts for mother/sons.  But also that this was a year for different song selections, I used Grateful Dead’s “I will take you home” for a father/daughter dance, wow that was amazing!

Bridal News: What do you advise people when they are looking for these songs?

Mike Reilly: Choose a song that has special meaning to the both of you.  It doesn’t matter if it’s possible or not, old or new.

Bridal News: What is your advice for people whose parents may have passed on?

Mike Reilly: I try and suggest to them to dance with a sibling, aunt, uncle, or special family friend.  It can still be an amazing moment.

Bridal News: What about strained relationships?

Mike Reilly: Sometimes weddings have the tendency to bring out the good in everyone.  A special song may heal the relationship or move it in the right direction.

Bridal News: What are some of the most memorable parents dances you have seen and why?

Mike Reilly: The most memorable parent dance was a mother/son dance where the groom’s sister sang “Simple Man” accompained by an all acoustic 3 piece band while the Groom and his mom danced.  The entire room was silent.  What an amazing signature moment in that day.

We found this video from Moak Films at Key Hall that encompases what Mike Reilly was talking about about memorable. This dad recorded himself singing the song the bride chose for their dance and surprised her with it and the reception!