SEH Entertainment


Are you ready to embark on your musical journey with us? Celebrate the universal power of music and dance. Envision a visual explosion of light and sound created just for you . Allow us to set the mood and produce the magic that will surround you.

It’s more than “just music”, in fact you are offered an experience! You will experience that warm, tingling feeling you get in your heart when your new husband leans toward you and whispers “I love you” as you are announced to make your grand entrance. You will get chills when you hear the familiar music and you are asked to partake in your first dance as husband and wife. You will partake in a dance environment where every song is precisely aligned with the mood of the moment, capturing the spirit of the event while seizing the opportunity to make it memorable.

Our experience as your entertainment provider allows you to relax and enjoy. Imagine being stress free at your wedding reception. We want you to feel like a guest at your own wedding reception.

Our level of interaction can be conservative (announcements only), outgoing (limited guest interaction), or anywhere in between. At whichever level you choose, we’ll have your guests dancing the night away while having the time of their life. Even at our most outgoing level we remain totally professional and never steal the spotlight!

Whether your wedding will be at the most exclusive hotel in Albany, private venue in Saratoga, or a beautiful lakeside mansion on Lake George while the sun sets, SEH Entertainment is your choice!

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