Fitness tips for your wedding day!


  1. Lauren Conrad has become an icon when it comes to fashion tips, DIY projects, fitness ideas and more! Her team has created a list of the top 10 tips to tone up before your wedding and to be honest these are great tips for everyday life as well. The tips I found most important where:
    1. Map it out! Life can be hectic sometimes, especially when planning a wedding. During this stressful yet thrilling time make sure to plan your day to make the most of it.
    2. Remember to hydrate! This is SO IMPORTANT for our daily lives because it increases your metabolism, makes your mind sharp and keeps your skin glowing.
    3. Tone it up! Finding a workout plan and sticking to it is half the battle! This could be the difference between an okay wedding night and a fantastic one!
  2. For more tips be sure to check her website as to tone up for your wedding!