We had a DIY night last week and boy were we busy! We spent a ton of time bookmarking ideas, discussing what to DIY, going to a few different craft stores to find supplies (that can prove daunting when everyone seems to be out of EVERYTHING that you need!) So, we wanted to sum up […]

In search of a barn venue?

We love barn weddings! They’re rustic, give a feeling of warmth, can be small and intimate or large, yet still have that warm and intimate feel! We recently visited Wolf Oak Acres and their space is just incredible! They have 2 floors, are temperature controlled, have restrooms on both floors, and a great fireplace to […]

Wedding Planning Advice

Wedding Advice brought to you by Events with Style!  Newly engaged and wondering WHAT to do next?! The ‘Now What’ Meeting: Congratulations you’re getting married! Let’s toast to your engagement with some invaluable advice. This hour-long meeting includes talking about your wedding style, budget, and what you want for your wedding day. – You will […]

Adventures in Bridal News – Bachelorette Party

Adventure: Passion Party Bachelorette Party Verdict: We had an AWESOME Passion Party Bachelorette Party with some of our girlfriends! First off, you’ve gotta do this even if it isn’t for a Bachelorette Party specifically, though it is perfect for that! Great friends (we had 7 girls), fun, sweet treats, wine, and ‘toys’!? I mean come […]

Crash and Dash – Bumble Beads

Crash and Dash #3! We were driving through Latham and figured we’d stop in to see what Karen, from Bumble Beads Boutique was up to. She was JUST finishing up these two gorgeous brooch bouquets for the mothers of an upcoming bride and groom! SUCH a cute idea and our favorite part: the brooch on […]

Crash and Dash – Dave Bigler’s e-shoot!

Crash-and-Dash #2: Who was lucky enough to crash Dave Bigler?! WE WERE!!! When you pull up and see Dave Bigler Photos and Films Jeep in the lot, you know you’re in for a fun time, so we figured we’d crash his e-shoot and get you a few behind the scenes images! He works hard for those awesome […]

Bridal News Adventures: bloom. Makeup Lesson

Adventure: Makeup lesson with bloom. salon and makeup bar Makeup, wine, goodie bags, a night out, and fun – need I say anything more?!?! Ok ok, I’ll say a bit more 😉 If you’re anything like me, you probably have questions about make up: what color should you wear, what type is best for your […]

Crash and Dash – CT Productions DJ and Saratoga National!

Crash-and-Dash is officially underway! **Behind the scenes, random weddings, our vendors, fun shots, see their set up and what a wedding day is like for them!** We kicked things off by crashing CT Productions Mobile DJ Services (Mike’s!) wedding at Saratoga National Golf Club! The music was awesome and if you look closely at that playlist, you’ll see […]

A Vision in Cake

We just love this elegant, regal wedding cake from Sweet Expressions! It’s gorgeous!!!  Almost too pretty to eat!

Alice in Wonderland Bridal Shower

We don’t even know where to begin to talk about this amazing Alice in Wonderland themed Bridal Shower at The Standard.  Showerbelle showcased Joe Grant of Joe Grant Photography, who captured some AMAZING images!!! So many amazing things!  First of all, let’s talk about the venue, The Standard is a great restaurant in Albany and we […]

Tuesday Tunes: Anniversary Dance

One of the traditions we really like that has stayed alive throughout the years is the anniversary dance.  The idea behind this dance is that a song plays and all of the married couples start to dance.  As the song goes along the DJ or band calls out years like 1, 5, 10, 15, and […]

Tuesday Tunes: “All of Me” by John Legend

What an amazing song by John Legend for a choice as the couples first dance song!  We just can’t get over the sweet sentiments of this song.  “Cause all of me, loves all of you.  all your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections.  Give your all to me, i’ll give my all […]

Wedding Pie? We love it! And you will too!

You may always think of dessert when it comes to weddings as the classic wedding cake.  We’ve featured ideas here about options instead of cake, like cupcakes and cannoli cakes (read more here) but one of the ideas we are just crazy about is pie.  There’s been talk about pie being the new cupcake, and […]

Pretty in Pink

Check out these amazing gowns from our friends at The Bridal Gallery by Yvonne! We just love the soft pinks accented with our favorites that make bridal gowns stunning- lace, bling, and drama!  With spring coming (even though it’s freezing, we promise spring is on the way!) we just love these pale pinks, not only […]

Venue Feature: The Otesaga Hotel

Cooperstown and Central New York are a gorgeous location for weddings! You may not know much about the area, but we have to tell you about the amazing Otesaga Hotel! Not only is the property set in a beautiful location, it has been a historic hotel for over a century!  Everyone thinks of Cooperstown as […]

Winter Wedding Inspiration with Keira Lemonis

We just love this winter inspiration on her blog today.  Winter can be a tough time to style, you never know exactly what kind of weather you might get!  Plus, it’s usually super cold to be out looking fabulous and taking photos- it can be hard to make it look like you’re happy when you’re […]

Silk Arrangement

Vinny Vin of Nonstop Music is not only an amazing DJ, he’s a smart hubby!  Vinny had an amazing halloween wedding this past year, and in honor of his first valentines day with a “Mrs.” he had his wife’s wedding bouquet recreated into a silk arrangement from Fleurtacious Designs.  Not only is this the sweetest thing ever, […]

Get Ready in Style

One of the biggest things when you choose your hair and makeup is where to get it done.  A lot of brides want their hair and makeup to travel to them, but many want to be in the salon as well.  There are pluses and minuses to each side of this but if’ you’re on […]

Tuesday Tunes: When the Right One Comes Along

We’re adding a new feature to Bridal News, Tuesday Tunes!  This is where we will highlight some of our favorites and our vendors favorites, for first dances, parent dances, ceremony music. They may be traditional or they may be a step out of the box! Let us know what you think of them! The first […]

Century House Bridal Event!

This is unheard of!  The Century House is giving away a free overnight stay to every pre-registered bride before 2/15!!! Be sure to pre-register and then come see us at the Century House and meet some amazing vendors!

Involve your Pets in Your Wedding Day!