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Adventure: Passion Party Bachelorette Party


We had an AWESOME Passion Party Bachelorette Party with some of our girlfriends! First off, you’ve gotta do this even if it isn’t for a Bachelorette Party specifically, though it is perfect for that! Great friends (we had 7 girls), fun, sweet treats, wine, and ‘toys’!? I mean come on, how can that not amount to one of the best times ever!?

Jen arrived and set up all of her fun items and we’ve gotta tell you, she was an absolute BLAST! She was funny, friendly, completely open and honest (and with this type of party, that’s crazy helpful!) and she became ‘one of the girls’ within minutes of starting to chat with us all. Products range from shower scrubs and lotions, to massage oil candles, to more lubricants and more. You’ll get to try them all out, and yes, we will admit it’s pretty funny when you all are licking flavored lube off your own wrist! ¬†Everyone ordered some goodies and the hostess earned credit off her own order (as per most parties of this type)!

Everyone in attendace had a great time and even those who had not attended this type of party before said they’d go to one again in a second, it was so much fun! So.. give Jennifer a shout, you’ll have a blast, we promise!

xo Stacy and Nicole


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