Alternatives to Wedding Cake

Let’s face it, not everyone is a cake person.   So it would stand to reason that not everyone would want a wedding cake.   Yes, there are traditionalists out there that will say, “what do you mean there’s no cake?” and it’s probably your grandmother who’s the one saying it, but in this day in age, cakes aren’t always a guarantee.

We know about cupcakes, a trend that popped up a few years ago as the bite sized and mini food trend really started to take off.  After Cupcakes a few other “sweet treats” have emerged as front runners in the alternatives to cake.  One of which is the cake pop.  I mean really, who doesn’t love bite sized pieces of cake, completely smothered in icing, and on a stick!? #letthemeatcakepops  Plus they are just so cute!

We love this idea that a couple at Key Hall at Proctors took advantage of, a “cutting” cake for the top tier and for tradition, and then a wedding “cake” made entirely of cannolis!

canoli cake

But what is next?  Well, if you thought cupcakes sounded different, this may shock you.   Pie is the new cupcake!  You may be saying, “really? Pie?” but don’t be fooled! Just keep your eyes open as we start to introduce you to this new trend, you’ll be seeing it for sure!