Bridal News 911




We are so excited to launch Bridal News 911!  For the brides who need some help with your wedding- selecting vendors, which gown to choose,

deciding if you should get a cake or cupcakes, how should you do your hair and make up?  Bridal News will help!

Starting this month- our Bridal News 911 will focus on Hair and Make up!  For those of you looking for tips, ideas and help with your hair and

make up- we have a special gift for you!

Bridal News 911 is giving away HAIR AND MAKE UP FOR YOUR WEDDING- Including your Trial!  With A & Co Salon!  Your trial  will be

documented by Bridal News 911- with photos and an Article appearing on Albany & Saratoga Bridal News!weblogo-330



How do you win this Fantastic Prize? Albany & Saratoga Bridal News will have their Pink Carpet Entrance at the Albany Bridal Event coming up

October 20th at Normanside Country Club.  Enter to win this Bridal News 911 Package on our Pink Carpet at this event!  The winner will be

announced LIVE at the event. (you do not need to stay until the drawing- winner will be drawn at 2:30- you have to attend the event to enter

your name into the drawing, but can leave before your name is announced)

The winner will also be posted on Albany & Saratoga Bridal News on Monday October 21st!


For the Full Month of October- Look for Hot Tips from A & Co Salon about your wedding hair and make up!


Coming in January … Bridal News 911- BRIDAL GOWN!


Do you have some buring Bridal News 911 Questions we can help you with?  If so, email us here at