Guest Tuesday Tunes: Nick Maddalone

This week’s tuesday tunes is another guest post! This one comes to us from DJ Nick Maddalone of Events by Cool Cat.  Here’s what you should know about Nick, Nick is a genuinely nice guy, that loves to have fun! He is a ball of energy, always having a great time, ready to deliver for you and your guests.  But what is Nick great at!? GETTING THE PARTY STARTED!  That’s why we asked him for his favorite songs to party to, both opening the night and closing the night, here’s what he had to say:

Favorite Party Song/Getting People Up: “Timber” by Kesha and Pitbull

Reason: The energy.  This is a song that’s sure to get people up and moving because it just makes you want to dance!  Plus if it wasn’t catchy enough, the lyrics tell you to dance! “It’s going down, i’m yellin’ timber, you better move, you better dance. Let’s make a night you won’t remember.”  Always a good one to get people up!

See how much fun this party is? Thanks to our friends at Photo Phrame Photography for this one.

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Favorite Last Song: Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore

Reason: The Energy.  Nick says it’s all about making people move with music.  Plus this is a song that is so top 40 and so popular that it’s widely known, from the couple, to the mother of the bride, to the flower girl, almost everyone knows this song and will “put their hands up like the ceiling can’t hold us” and dance!