Music choice can ruin your wedding!

cool cat music choice

Our friends over at Cool Cat Entertainment shared this link and it got us to thinking.  You can ruin your wedding by choosing to play the wrong music.  Sometimes, what you love isn’t always what everyone else will love, and it’s important to consider all of your guests when you’re planning out your big day and what they will hear.  For instance, maybe you love heavy metal, your guests might not appreciate an entire evening of it.  Or you love Dave Matthews Band and only want to play his music during cocktail hour or dinner?  As much as we love DMB there’s something to be said for variety! Popular songs and some of the old time favorites can go a long way to making your wedding a smash hit!

A great example? I got married recently and I hate the song “We are Family” by Sister Sledge, but my grandmother requests it at every family wedding.  So, we played it first to open the dance floor, it got everyone up and kept her happy, and it was two minutes of my life!

Check out this great article from NPR and tell us what you think!