Top 5 Things you should know about Wedding Music!

The Top 5 things you should know about Wedding Music


We asked Music Man Entertainment, Mike Garrasi to spill the beans and with us what we need to know about Wedding Music!

1. When looking for a DJ, make sure that you share your input. What kind of vibe do you want? What artists are you interested in? What songs should be played throughout the night? Make your experience unique, and create your own special night. With Mike, it is all about the relationship, and working together to make your night special. Let your DJ know what you want because your input it very important.
2. When thinking of music, consider the big picture, and the vibe that you want your event to have. However, also consider what your guests would want to hear. Think of grandma!
3. Let the DJ, or the band, have freedom to create an awesome wedding. Let go of the reins. Controlling the DJ will create a disaster. Let the DJ customize your music using your input.
4. Keep it fun and cool! Play a variety of music. Most DJs play a mix of different songs ranging from the classics to current music.
5. When it comes to your first dance, stay away from the first dance songs that everyone picks. Ask your DJ for advice because they can help! Be original, and choose from your heart. Do what feels right for you and your fiancé, even if you can’t dance very well. Nobody will be paying attention to how well you can dance, it isn’t about that.
Thanks Mike!!