What’s the value of a great Wedding DJ?

What’s the value of a great Wedding DJ?

**By Pulse Entertainment**

Here is a true story from one of my recent brides.

“Even though my mother in law is friends with you and highly recommended you, it took me months to decide to hire you. Why, because I went to all the dj websites, dj directories and many bridal shows, so I knew I could get a DJ for less money.

Shortly after I hired you I was at my friend’s wedding. She paid half of what I paid for a dj. Her wedding was a disaster! The DJ she hired was there just to play music, which he wasn’t good at. He stayed behind the dj booth the entire wedding and did not know how to manage the flow of the reception.

Because I was planning my own wedding I paid close attention to how him. Here is what I noticed: He did not communicate with the other wedding professionals, he was awful on the microphone, he did not know how to run the wedding formalities, he did not help my friend plan her reception ahead of time and he would not play any of the requested songs.

I’m so glad I hired DJ David, his performed all of these tasks with ease and professionalism. DJ David is worth every penny and more!

Jenna –  Saratoga Springs, NY.”

Brides often ask me “how much do you charge for a 5 hour wedding?” It is easy to compare one DJ service to another based on price.  And as you can see from the true story above, price may not be the best way to choose the person who will set the mood for the biggest day of your life.

Value can be measured in at least two ways, price and feelings.

When we ask brides about their upcoming wedding, they always talk about how they felt when they were at a friends wedding. Every bride wants their wedding to be the best, so they are honest with us about what they liked and didn’t like. Did the food taste good, did the music make them want to dance and did the flowers bring a smile to their face?

If they experienced good feelings when they were at their friend’s wedding, that feeling is much more important than how much money the friend spent, wouldn’t you agree?

Which is more important to you on your wedding day, price or feelings?

I am not here to say you should hire the most expensive wedding DJ, I am simply pointing out that quality is extremely valuable when it comes to choosing your wedding DJ. In fact, as a small business owned husband and wife team, Dawn and I pride ourselves on offering exceptional entertainment at a price that is worth every penny. As a matter of fact, after the wedding day, we have had countless brides say that we should charge more!

How can you know if a DJ is going to create the atmosphere and energy that will make you and your guests feel good on your wedding day?

Many couples who hire us have been at a wedding we’ve DJ’d. If you haven’t been to a wedding in a while, the next best option is to watch the DJ/Emcee demo video on our website. Another good indication of how we take care of our brides and grooms is in the reviews from past brides, you’ll find these on our website too.

We highly recommend that you speak with our past brides to really feel how pleased and excited they are with our service.  We would love to meet you and hear all about your vision for your wedding. This will give you a great feel for our energy, expertise and excitement. At the end of our time together you will completely understand how we provide exceptional service and for what price. We are more than happy to talk with you in person, on the phone, or by video chat.

Let’s take a closer look at the pricing aspect of your wedding.

By now you may have a good idea of how much your wedding will cost you. You know it is a significant amount of money. You also have a sense of how you want to feel on your wedding day.

Have you ever wondered who is in charge of the feeling and flow of your wedding reception?

Who has the responsibility for most of the hours of your celebration?

That’s right, it’s your DJ.

Here is a breakdown of time by service the day of:

Officiant: 30-60 minutes

Flowers: 60 minutes

Caterer: 120-180 minutes

DJ: 240-360 minutes

Your DJ is in charge for at least 4 hours. Everything that happens during that time is on the DJs shoulders.

Your DJ is the choreographer and director of your wedding reception and many times your wedding ceremony. He/she works closely with your wedding planner,  officiant, caterer, photographer, videographer, photo booth attendant and the DJ assistant all while creating the perfect reception flow and atmosphere to keep you and your guests happy. The DJ makes countless decisions on every aspect of your reception depending on what is happening at the time.  The DJ/Emcee orchestrates the timing and all the wedding formalities. He/she makes sure everyone and thing is in the room and ready.

A great DJ loves what they do and it shows! A great DJ will encourage song requests and is masterful with mixing several genres of music to make everyone feel included.  Everyone on the Pulse Entertainment team is well trained, fun, friendly, we all dance and love keeping the dance floor packed!  Read our 7 tips to exceptional wedding reception flow on our website.

Every wedding is different. A great DJ is a chameleon and is a master at reading the crowd and knowing what to do in every moment. Great DJs are problem solvers, ready to swing in to action with confidence if a challenge arises.

The bottom line is, a great DJ can make your wedding dreams come true and make your wedding day investment worth every penny.

A bad DJ can make your wedding a nightmare and make that investment seem wasted to some extent. Yes, you will have great photos and time with family but if you don’t feel good at the end of the night, was it worth the money you saved?

I encourage you to hire a full-time experienced professional DJ for your wedding. It may cost $500 – $1000 more than a part time or average DJ. I hope you now see the value of a great wedding DJ.

Value is like love, it’s a feeling, not a thought.

Life is best when you follow your feelings.

Thanks for reading and feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments.

The Pulse Entertainment team loves to choreograph the perfect wedding experience for each couple and their guests. We have been providing stellar experiences for over 18 years and it shows in our reviews and demo video!

We provide the following professional wedding services: Experienced Wedding DJ and Emcee with proven results, Dance Floor Lighting, Professional Entertainment Planning, Wedding Flow Expertise, Dance Motivators (dancing, group, hip hop, Latin, ballroom, swing, tango, country and Israeli Folk), Cordless Microphone for Toasts, Photobooths, UpLighting, Monogram Light, Wedding Dance  and Bridal Party Dance Lessons. On top of all that we are always a pleasure to work with!

We wish you a lifetime of happiness!

DJ David and Dawn Levesque  – A magical husband and wife team!

Pulse Entertainment – The heartbeat of your celebration!