What’s in a (wedding) date?

There are certain dates that couples just have to have when planning their wedding.  Since the start of this millennium, each year has brought a new “hot” date like 10/10/10 or 11/11/11 for instance.  Though, this year, 2014, brings the last of the sequentially numbered dates for couples to fight over, 12/13/14.   What drives people to choose dates like these?  Sometimes it’s the idea that they will be easy to remember, but more often than not, there is a perceived amount of “luck” involved with these dates.

wedding date, 10/10/10, numbers


So, if dates that have a numeric significance are considered lucky, what does it say about dates like today, a Friday the 13th, which often times happen multiple times in a year, in prime wedding season?  Do they have a perceived amount of “bad luck”?  Well, we guess it depends on the couple.  Many times couples will say “oh no! We can’t get married that day” and other couples take it as a challenge almost, some making it the date they really want.  It really depends on the couple, their personality, and the style of their wedding.   In the end, a date is just a number, and whether it’s a Friday the 13th, or a Sunday afternoon, or even a Tuesday, a wedding is unique because of the couple and their style, and not the date!