Adventures in Bridal News – Lash Extensions

Adventure: Lash Extensions – Beauty with Julie

I met up with Juile last week at the office (which is SUPER cute, you’re gonna love her make up mirror and want one for yourself!) to get lash extensions. I’d never had my lashes done prior, not even strips or little clusters put on for any reason (hard to believe, I know), so I was pretty curious as to how they’d feel and how the application process would be. Well, let me tell you; you get to lay down, close your eyes, chill out, and chat while Julie does all the work. It doesn’t hurt at all and once they were done (even now, a few days later), I cannot feel them at all! So, now on to the other REALLY important factor, how they look.. they look AMAZING! When she told me I’d not wear mascara again with them (you can, if you use an oil free product, but most people don’t), I’ll be honest, I was skeptical… but, she was completely right! It looks like I have mascara on all of the time! Which is SWEET! Everyone that knew I was getting the lashes done was so excited to see them and as I’ve seen each of them over the past few days, they’ve all exlaimed excitedly about how much they love them, how they cannot believe I don’t have mascara on, and now how much they want to get them, too! Maintaining the look is easy, it is a quick 30-45minute appointment every 2-3 weeks (depnding on how quickly you natural lashes shed, as that is how your lash and the attached extension lash come off, some people only need them ‘filled’ monthly).

Verdict: Julie is going to be busy! 😉 And I’m in love with them and will definiately be keeping them!

OFFER: November ONLY!!  I chatted with Julie about how much I loved the lashes and how much I wanted everyone to try them, SO she agreed to offer you all a full set for $74.00 which is 25% off the regular price for the month of November! So worth it and an awesome price, so go for it, you’ll love them!