Bridal News Adventures: bloom. Makeup Lesson

Makeup lesson with bloom. salon and makeup bar
Makeup, wine, goodie bags, a night out, and fun – need I say anything more?!?!
Ok ok, I’ll say a bit more ūüėČ If you’re anything like me, you probably have questions about make up: what color should you wear, what type is best for your skin, how¬†do you put it on correctly, etc – well, bloom. salon and makeup bar just kicked off their new monthly make up lesson last week and I was thrilled to be able to attend their first class!
The class is held once/month, is $20 at the door, covers a new makeup topic each time, comes with a glass of wine (YAY) and a cute goodie bag with some awesome samples (score!)! This month, to kick things off, they did a complete everyday look that you could wear to work or school; covering the basics of products to use, why to use those, and how to apply them.
The owner of bloom., Allison, taught the class and let me tell you, you’re going to love her! She’s so personable, just adorable, was great at explaining the makeup application process and made it easy to ask her questions during the class; you’ll basically want to hang out with her and grab coffee!
You should absolutely take a class with Allison at bloom.! The atmosphere is fun and inviting, you learn a lot of specifics that you may not realize you don’t know, you are free to ask questions and try the makeup out, and it’s an awesome girls night out! I’ll be at the next class, no question – hope you join us! We know that smokey eyes and contouring are on the list of upcoming classes, so keep your eye out!
**Something cool that was completely unanticipated by me that happened during the class was the quick connections that formed between the women who attended. It was awesome to hear someone voice a concern during the lesson (or something they’ve struggled with in terms of their skin or with makeup) and to have other women speak up and say that they understood, that they had addressed that via a specific method, or that they had a similar issue/question. The camaraderie that formed quickly and humor that¬†was had among a group of strangers was an awesome thing to witness and to be a part of!
Take a peek at a few photos from the class and make sure to join us next time! xo Nicole
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