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We had a DIY night last week and boy were we busy! We spent a ton of time bookmarking ideas, discussing what to DIY, going to a few different craft stores to find supplies (that can prove daunting when everyone seems to be out of EVERYTHING that you need!) So, we wanted to sum up some details about our first experience for you!

1. Get your friends to help you! It took us hours to finish a sample of each project, making 20.. for tables.. would take a while, so span it out or grab your girls!

2. Consider the costs.. we had 4 projects. Canvas with buttons spelling out ‘love’, twine wrapped wine bottles and yarn wrapped cans, hand panted votive holders, and hand wrapped wire orbs. We had enough supplies to make a sample of each item, certainly not enough for a wedding or even a shower, but to give us some samples and to try out DIY’ing! We were a bit surprised to spend $62 in supplies and we will be supplying you with detailed costs on each project soon! Kind curious if we needed to do this for 20 tables (as centerpieces for example, what will that work out to be?!) We will soon see!

3. Consider the mess (we were totally cool with it and had a BLAST), but just as an fyi, keep in mind the paint, the water, the wine cup that was used rinse brushes in instead of the water (whoops!), the flower cuttings that were EVERYWHERE, etc.

4. Don’t forget the wine and food – we had a great time and boy did the wine and snacks keep us going!

5. HAVE FUN! If you’re going full on DIY or just a few things, have fun, get creative, and don’t worry.. if you mess it up, you can add a bit more paint, glue, or grab a new wine bottle to put twine on and you’ll be set. Don’t let it be a source of stress for you!


Stay tuned! More photos and details on each project coming soon!



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