Open Air Photo Booth – DO IT! (Here’s why!)


We talked with Russ (who you are going to absolutely ADORE!) from Upstate Photo Fun about why you’ve gotta seriously consider and open air Photo Booth at your wedding and why you want to go with Russ, you’re gonna love him! Check out our Q&A below and start planning for an awesome Photo Booth!

Q&A: Upstate Photo Fun – Open Air Photo Booth

What is your favorite type of snack, car, and thing to do outside of photobooth?

  1. Without question my favorite snacks are anything made of chocolate, candy, brownies, and of course ice cream (how can you go wrong with chocolate)?! (We’re with him on the chocolate!)
  2. Like most guys I know, I definitely prefer sports cars with my all-time favorites being any Lamborghini, but from a more practical sense I think I could settle for a Corvette. (good choices Russ, we like it!) 
  3. Outside of the Photo Booth I am plenty busy as a portfolio manager handing investments for a local bank, working on my MBA in the evening, playing softball, bowling, skiing and most importantly finding quality time to spend with my lovely (and very patient) wife and two children. (We told you that you’d love him!)


What makes your photobooth unique?

  1. We have several things that make our photo booth very unique:
  2. We have an outrageous number of props which we bring to our events for guest to use. I haven’t sat down to count buy I believe we currently have 300+ props and we find ourselves adding to our collection on a weekly basis
  3. We print professional quality photos on-site in roughly 6 seconds
  4. We work with couples to custom design the template boarder using a theme of their choice
  5. We provide every guest with a copy of every photo they are in. If 16 people are in the photo we print 16 copies, and there is no limit the number of times someone can visit the booth
  6. With every wedding service we include a premium bookmark sleeve for each guest. This bookmark sleeve has an attached ribbon matching the wedding color and add an insert as a reminder to visit the photo booth in the bookmark. They are placed tableside for each guest and we add the guests photo to the bookmark immediately following their picture
  7. We have e-mail capability where after each photo one guest can enter their email address on our touch screen monitor and in seconds they have the photo on their phone and can forward or upload to their favorite social media site (wi-fi required of course)


What has been your favorite event to run Photo Booth at (aside from weddings)?

  1. While we truly have a blast at all of our different events, our favorite event (outside of weddings) are the events with lots of children such as birthday parties. Watching how a six year old goes through the thought process of picking out their prop combinations and organizing their changing of props between each photo is priceless. They are often time very ingenious.

What do you want couples to know about you and why do you do what you do?

  1. For years now my wife and I have been looking to start our own small business, however we could not pinpoint exactly what we wanted to do. The past 11 years I had driven limousine and really loved working with couples for their wedding day, but was ready for a change. Then, this spring while attending multiple bridal shows with our daughter and looking at other photo booth providers, it was clear to both of us that this business would be a great way to start something for ourselves and continue to work in the wedding industry. For us, this is the perfect opportunity to contribute what we can to making a couples Big Day that much more memorable, and at the same time providing a keepsake for people to look back on.

What is your biggest pet peeve about the misconceptions of photobooths or open air photobooths specifically?

  1. My biggest pet peeves about the photo booth are that somehow having an open air concept takes away from the photo booth experience. I would argue that the open air concept simply allows more guests to take part in the fun at once. With our service we always provide a photo booth strip for everyone in EVERY picture so everyone leaves with a copy. A traditional arcade style booth might squeeze in 3-4 people at best, and often times only gives out two copies, leaving someone without a copy.
  2. Secondly, I have heard people say “I don’t want a line at the photo booth all night, I want people out on the dance floor.” I have also heard the horror stories where people have waited in line 20 minutes to get a photo booth picture at some weddings. Our average time at our booth is about 3 minutes, and that includes picking props, getting the photos taken and printing the photos out for the guests. At times when 16-20 people are in a photo and we are printing all those copies it can take an extra minute or two (two copies print in 6 seconds), but never more than that. No one should avoid hiring us because they feel people will be missing out and the wedding fun, to the contrary, our service enhances the fun when people are taking a little break from all the dancing.

Tell me a funny story that happened in/around your photobooth at an event.

  1. One funny thing that happened at a recent wedding was that there were relatives that were not able to make the wedding, so the bride and groom had a life size cardboard cutout of the man, his wife and their small child. About half way through the reception a crowd of family members gathered around the booth with the cardboard family. They proceeded to put a variety of props on this “family” and took about a dozen pictures with different family members posing with the cardboard family. It was a very unique idea and made for some great family fun.

What extra services above just the booth time and photo do you offer?

  1. Our service provides a variety of services that might not come to mind when you first think of a photo booth
  2. Our wedding packing includes a premium vinyl bookmark sleeve for each guest to protect their photo and can be used as a keepsake
  3. We provide e-mail capability to guests and the bridal couple so they have a digital version
  4. We have professional quality, on-site printing of all photos (in 6 seconds)
  5. We have one of the largest selections of FUN props (roughly 300) which we provide at each event.
  6. We provide a flash drive of all photo strips AND individual photos at the end of the wedding
  7. We offer an optional scrapbook for guest to sign and provide well wishes along with their photo
  8. As you can see, we provide not only the traditional photo booth strip, but we have truly created a unique photo booth experience and the response from just about everyone has been overwhelmingly positive. Apparently the word has gotten out!!