Vinny Liotta – DJ Times winner for best DJ!

Vinny Liotta from Cool Cat Entertainment won the DJ Times best DJ of the year award! A huge congrats to him and we loved this shout out from his Facebook page, so we wanted to share it with you!

After attending the Dj Times Dj Expo for so many years, winning DJ of the Year is a dream come true. “ Vinny Liotta

Events by Cool Cat is a family owned and operated special event dj entertainment company specializing in weddings, bar / bat mitzvahs, and all other events.

Each year DJ Times Magazine hosts the largest DJ Expo in North America in Atlantic City. A part of this Expo is the annual “DJ of the Year” competition. Each year approximately 10-12 pre-selected DJ Entertainers compete, teaching attendees’ games, dances, or how they entertain at certain parts of various weddings and events.  The judges are a panel of past winners, and industry owners, etc.

For the past 10 years Vinny Liotta and members of his staff have attended this show in an effort to grow their business and better serve their customers.

This year Vinny chose to participate. Participants each choose a number out of a hat to determine the order they will be performing and as fate would have it Vinny’s number was the last participation slot. Typically this is not the ideal slot to have as the guests have been up and participating for over a solid hour and ½ and then to be a bit tired and/or even leave. In Vinny’s allotted time, he showed how he likes to end an evening by going out on top with a high charged dynamic ending.

Vinny used this as an opportunity to not only tell them how to end a party on a high note but to show them how to take a room full of exhausted guests and re-energize the dance floor one last time bringing down the house the way that any wedding couple would dream of on their wedding day.

This year Vinny Liotta not only competed but he won the competition.

Vinny Liotta is the 2014 DJ Times DJ of the Year

Sid Vanderpool
As the longest running judge of the DJ of the Year competition, I can safely say that you 100% deserved to win DJ of the Year. You took what was basically a completely dead room, to an incredible one, using talent, passion and professionalism. Congratulations Vinny Liotta!

Please feel free to get in contact with Vinny at or 518-384-2288